"Jolie-Time,   I am so grateful for our new found friendship. I am touched and honored to have re-met you again, and to connect. Your professional and educational background is most impressive, and inspiring!

I really appreciate your speciality of work. I have a strong commitment for these special kids, and I am blessed by my work. When I meet someone like yourself, I get very excited and enthusiastic for the expanded possibilities of services we can unite and cialis 20mg offer."  V. Marin 49  RN



"I woke with a horrible stiff neck from sleeping on my sofa. After getting some "Jolie-Time" I was able to turn my head with no discomfort."

Heather C.  34 Public School Teacher


"I work at a computer all day long and started getting horrible neck pain and tendinitis in my right arm. Weekly visits has not only improved the tendinitis in my arm but has helped my neck pain considerably."

Ming-Lee C. 35, Account Director


"Getting massages has helped my arthritis symptoms and has improved my sleep." Jackson W.  68, Retired Police Officer


"My Child has special needs. After massage sessions his behavior patterns show tremendous improvement." Stacie P.  37, Mother


"I started getting massages prior to my sports competitions. I personally believe it has helped improve my game and assisted in my sore muscle recovery time." Seth S. 16, Student / Athlete


"I just want to thank you for the most amazing massage ever. I have been so stressed since lossing my job, and It was just what I needed to de-stress my body. Thank you again for everything, I will be sure to tell all my friends about you!" Gina T. 33, Teacher/Counselor


"This is no ordinary massage!  I was suffering with debilitating headaches and pain in my right arm and hand.  In only 3 visits, Jolie made these issues disappear.  She also took the time to explain what she was doing and ways for me to improve my muscular health.  I can't thank her enough for the relief she's given me!"  Donna C. 43, Banker/IT


"For my FIRST FULL BODY Swedish Massage, this was a very rewarding experience. Jolie has a wonderful way of blending massage and relaxation....the stress of the day just disappears!!!!!"  Viola M. 25 RN


Gotta tell ya.... I had a deep tissue massage and shoulder and neck workup by massage therapist Jolie at the Medispa in Monroe last Saturday. Been having severe pain in my left hand (actually like it was on fire - I would even look at my hand, expecting to see burn blisters!) Great improvement since then, not all the pain is gone, but no more burning! And my tactile sense in that hand has improved - now I can actually feel things again with my fingers. I have another appt in two weeks. I highly recommend Jolie to anyone who needs pain relief. Thanks, Jolie! ~Tom S. Retired Programer



For the past month and a half my anxiety and stress level have been through the roof. Unable to concentrate while working, unable to sleep, and panic attacks at random; I absolutely refuse to take any mediation and prefer a more holistic way to deal with stress. I met Jolie, a serious blessing in disguise. Jolie is one of the most compassionate and rational persons I have ever met. Through her professional touch and words of wisdom she brought back to serenity. Thank you so much !     Jerrica Moreno RN



 I just want to give a big thank you to Jolie Schiering at Jolie-Time Therapeutic Massage, not only is she the bestest friend a girl can ask for she is amazing at her job. I literally woke up this morning with my head bent to the right , and in horrible pain. After an hour with her my head is finally in the right position and pain is diminishing. I know it will take a few more days of icing and relaxing, but I feel ten times better than I did this morning. I highly recommend her.  Gina T. 36 Adminstrative Assistant


I am a Professional Tri-Athelet. I have completed in numerous events from IRON MAN to SPARTAN. What Jolie does with her hand is beyond healing! I thank God I found her and she is able to service and work on my whole team.  Christopher S.  35 Professional Athlete


 have had many massages in my day but this quite possibly could be the best ever.  I'm a big guy and most people dont have the strength to really work on me but she surprised me.  I got off the table feeling amazing and I cant wait to come back! I agree with the rest of her reviews, Best massage ever! Dr. Marc G.  28 DC.  

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